September 2017 – June 2017
EVOLVE Movement
Raleigh, NC

This 200-hour program is composed of 10 intensive weekends, weekly classes, observing, assisting, practice teaching, and mentoring with EmbodiYoga® Teachers. The program is designed to give you time for learning, integration, practice, and application in a yoga studio environment and community.

The immersive curriculum interweaves: Embodied anatomy, yoga philosophy and theoretical foundations, principles of somatic learning and teaching, functional alignment, safe foundational sequencing, asana, breath, and meditation. Students will learn to actively grow their practice from within, finding structure and integrity by opening deeper layers of kinesthetic awareness. While shedding new light on the inner workings of the asana, this approach offers an embodied exploration of the transformative and creative potential of the yoga form.

This Unique Training Will:

  • Support individual evolution by giving you the tools to live in a creative, authentic and life nurturing way.
  • Encourage you to move beyond a formulaic approach to performing asana in order to understand the more subtle and deeply transformative aspects.
  • Challenge you to perceive the essence of each posture from different body systems, developing and expanding consciousness into all tissues of the body.
  • Provide the clarity and insight of EmbodiYoga® to find awareness, ease and fullness in your practice and teaching.

The 10-month Immersion Curriculum Interweaves the Following:

  • Asana Foundations & Breath
  • Embodied Anatomy
  • Yoga Philosophy & Theoretical Foundations
  • Principles of Somatic Learning and Teaching
  • Safe Foundational Sequencing
  • Class Planning
  • How To Use Props
  • Mentoring, Teaching and Assisting
  • How the Body Moves
  • Developmental Origins of Natural Movement

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