Pranayama + Restorative: 6-Week Series
Wednesdays, Oct 16-Nov 20, 7:30-8:45pm, Ritual Yoga + Apothecary

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras outline the eight-faceted path of yoga. Yoga classes in the west typically focus primarily on the third facet, asana (poses). This six-week series will use restorative poses to explore the fourth and fifth facets, pranayama (breath) and pratayahara (turning inward of the senses). Restorative poses use lots of props so that one may hold poses for an extended period of time, usually 5-30 minutes. While some practices have you at the edge of your stretch the whole time, this practice will aim to reduce bodily sensation, so one can turn the attention to the movement of the mind. All levels of practitioner welcome; no previous yoga experience required.

$120 for the series.  $25 Drop-in if space.  No make-ups for missed classes.