DUE TO COVID-19, MASSAGE AND FITNESS SERVICES HAVE BEEN MANDATED TO DISCONTINUE TILL AT LEAST APRIL 30TH. Pre-Paid packages are available for online and in-person (once back in the office) massage and movement services.

Here are the Pre-Paid package rates:

  • 3-Pack $291
  • 5-Pack $475
  • 10-Pack $930
  • 20-Pack $1800

You can pay online thru Venmo @Julee-Snyder, PayPal, or Square.

Consider this an investment in your health!  I am currently offering two kinds of private sessions: an Evolved Movement Session if you’d like a movement component or a Medical Massage session for table work.  Movement sessions may include yoga, pilates, Body-Mind Centering, and some bodywork.  Table work will may include myofascial techniques, visceral manipulation, neural manipulation and craniosacral therapy.

The fee for all services is the same.  Cash, checks, and Visa/MC accepted.

Individual Session Rates. 

  • 60-minutes, $100
  • 75-minutes, $125
  • 90-minutes, $150


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