Yoga Teacher Mentoring

This program is designed for yoga teachers who seek to refine different aspects of their teaching, become more confident in their voices, clear in their instructions, and integrated in their approach to teaching. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with many yoga teachers and I’ve found the process to be deeply fulfilling on both sides of the relationship.

Yoga Teacher Mentoring Structure:
A preliminary 60-minute conversation identifying your current intentions as a teacher, which areas you’d like to refine, the areas you feels good about, the areas where you feel stuck, and other relevant teaching information.  Depending on what best fits our needs, I will either attend one of your live yoga classes or view one video of you teaching a full-length class.  A follow-up 60-minute post-class conversation will discuss how you felt about the class and will establish a game plan and tools to help refine different facets of your teaching to feel more solid about what you are offering students.

Cost is $275.

Ongoing Coaching:
If what you crave is an on-going relationship around your issues as a teacher, that can also be arranged.  We will have our preliminary 60-minute conversation identifying your current intentions and concerns as a teacher.  From there I will give you homework (readings, practice assignments, journaling assignments, etc.) to deepen your process.  When you are ready, you will return to report on your progress and discuss next steps.

Cost is $85 per hour session.

Yoga Assistantship
Please contact me if you are interested in assisting my classes and workshops.  I may require that you have some experience with the material or that you also participate in the mentoring or coaching programs.

Contact me directly by email or phone/text, (919) 357-2647.  Continuing education hours available.