Embodiment Etudes: Gentle Yoga, Somatics + Social Justice (300hr)

300-hour advanced yoga teacher training
workshop/module format

Embodiment Etudes is built on the idea that short somatic studies applied to yoga have the capacity to open the range of personal practice, personal intimacy, and relationship with both embodiment and ethics at the center.  Just as we awaken to our body blindspots, we also consider our social and relational blindspots with regards to our places of privilege.  This training aims to actively engage with both as a practice of moving in the world.

Begins January 2020
Ritual Yoga + Apothecary (and other local studios)
Raleigh, NC

This program is designed for those 200-hour certified teachers eager to significantly deepen their understanding, experience, and practice of Gentle Yoga.  This 300-hour program is constructed in a flexible format that includes focused workshops, weekly classes, observing, assisting, practice teaching, and mentoring.  There will be required modules and elective modules.  You will be free to piece together your training to fit both Embodiment Etudes and Yoga Alliance requirements for the 300-hour level certification.  You will have five years from enrollment to complete the program.

Required modules include:

  • one Anatomy course
    • Basic Anatomy Review
    • Diaphragms, Domes and Bandhas
    • Organs and Yoga
    • Endocrine Glands and Yoga
    • Senses and Pratyahara
  • Gentle Yoga course
  • one Restorative course
    • Intro to Teaching Restorative Yoga
    • Restorative Yoga Immersion
  • Developmental Sequencing course
  • one Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics course
    • Emotional Body
    • Yamas and Niyamas as Social Justice
  • Ethics and Communication for the Yoga Teacher
  • Mentorship
  • Special Populations Project

Contact Program Director Julee Snyder for more information and registration.  Additional courses are in development, but one can complete the requirements for the program with the courses listed above.


Schedule of Courses
Frequently Asked Questions

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