Below are the brilliantly kind things people have to say about my work..

“Julee’s impressive knowledge and skill are matched with equally impressive compassion and joy. When working in her capacity as a bodywork therapist, she employs all her yoga expertise. When working in her yoga instructor capacity, she employs all her bodywork expertise. I cannot recommend Julee highly enough. She is a delight and a gift!” – L.E.

“Julee provided a whole body approach to Yoga practice when I had classes with her. She provided private Restorative Yoga, Massage, and Body Work as I was going through chemotherapy. Her expert knowledge and delicate hand helped reduce pain and anxiety. She was an emotional support as well as providing physical healing.” – J.A.

“Julee is an intuitive healer and an outstanding massage therapist. As a professional musician, I have tried many massage therapists and Julee is the best! I always feel comfortable and she has just the right touch whether you want a relaxing massage or need deep tissue work. Julee is always punctual and personable. I have seen Julee several times a year since I first met her in 2005 and highly recommend her.” – M.E.

“Julee was great in helping me use yoga for rehabilitation after a very serious neurosurgical operation.” – D.C.

“Julee is a phenomenal practitioner of massage and yoga therapies. She has a deep understanding of the human body and of the psycho-somatics therein. Julee has worked on me and with me in serveral different capacities. In each she shows up with honesty, integrity and a brilliant yet humble expertise. I highly recommend Julee in all of her professional capacities.” -G.B.

“Julee is truly a gem. She stands apart from others in the field of body therapy and therapeutic yoga instruction. Julee is well trained, that is true. But it is her talent, creativity, intuitive and inquisitive style and caring nature that set her apart. She embodies for me the teacher/caregiver/healer/friend. One who can fill all those shoes with grace and ease is truly a gift.” –C.D.

“Julee was one of the first massage therapists I saw when I arrived in North Carolina. She is still my favorite. Her style is intuitive, thorough, deep, creative and effective. I have also taken a few gentle yoga classes with her, and she is a great yoga teacher!” – D.P.

“Julee has an exceptionally intelligent and integrated approach to the study of yoga and embodiment. She evidences both knowledge and wisdom and a keen and ongoing love of learning. I know her to be an excellent and fully-embodied representative of all that she practices.” P.T.

“Julee provides a thoughtful, spirited, inspired approach to bodywork. Her background in a wide variety of movement and hands-on work provides great opportunity for those she works with. And she is so willing to explore and share with individuals’ interests.” – W.C.

“Julee brings a richness to her bodywork that is rare and treats every client with personal attention. She creates a sense of trust and builds relationships through her practice that makes her clients and colleagues feel comfortable and secure. I would recommended Julee for anyone who is looking for natural healing, a creative outlet, or good conversation about the healing arts.” – L.P.

“Julee Snyder has been one of the most influential people I have ever encountered. Her perspective and wealth of knowledge of the body exceeds expectations. I recommend her for any treatment one is pursuing.” – M.G.

“Julee is aware and respectful when engaged in bodywork, She is delicate, precise, thoughtful and detail oriented.” – G.C.

“Julee is a gifted teacher who has demonstrated an ongoing committment to deepening her knowledge and skills over the years. Students love her. She is a blessing to have working with us at Moving Mantra!” -C.B.

“Julee is one of the most talented Yoga instructors in the area. All of her bodywork skills help her to design a yoga session that is always “just what you needed.” Her restorative yoga in particular is rejuvenating and has always grounded me. As a bodyworker myself, this is crucial. I highly recommend Julee to those who are new to yoga too. She communicates effectively, listens intently and makes you feel comfortable in what can be an intimidating environment.” – N.C.

“I met Julee at a yoga teacher training in 2002. She was always there doing little things both with the studio and with the faculty. I slowly got to know Julee thru the teacher training and when she started subbing for my regular yoga teacher, Lisa Clark. Julee is an amazing teacher. I have learned so much about my body and what it can and can’t do. Julee has great knowledge not only about yoga but also about the way the body works with movement, thought, and breathe. She is gentle and kind and so giving of her time and talent. No ego involved here, she doesn’t need it. She is a master of her trade and you can feel it in everything she does. I feel safe when Julee teaches, or speaks. I know that I am in safe hands and working with teacher that has a great, gentle, giving heart and soul. She is one of the best teachers I have had the luck to teach me. I consider her one of my primary teachers and look forward to classes for the rest of my life. Thank you Julee.” – M.E.

“Julee is a committed, enthusiastic, caring and dedicated yoga instructor. I have worked with her in a peer capacity at a yoga teacher training program. I also have attended her yoga classes. She is amazing, simply put!” – G.B.

“Julee Snyder is able to open a whole new world of movement for her students.   Her knowledge of the body is impressive and her teaching approach is unique in cultivating mindfulness and reawakening body awareness.  Each of her classes conveys a wealth of information.  – E.H.

“I have received massage therapy and yoga instruction from Julee Snyder. Her bodywork skills are excellent. She has a masterful understanding of anatomy and the mind-body connection that guides her work in yoga and massage. As a client, I have come away from sessions with Julee not only feeling better and healthier, but also having a better understanding of how best to care for and strengthen my body – and my whole being.   She has a warm, calm, and confident manner that is comforting and inspiring. I highly recommend taking a yoga class instructed by her or receiving massage therapy from her.” – J.F.

Julee is an excellent Yoga instructor who keeps in touch with her students needs and adjusts her classes to meet those. She also provides great massages.” – J.B.

“Julee is a patient, knowledgeable, dedicated yoga teacher. Students always leave her classes feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.” – E.F.