Private Yoga

Yoga means “union” and is an ancient system for deepening awareness and integrating body, mind and spirit.  “Ha-tha” means “sun and moon” and implies balancing of opposites in the creation of a unified whole: rest and activity; strength and flexibility; stamina and relaxation.

In a fluid process that uses these dynamic tensions, Hatha Yoga increases health, vitality and well being as it tones and soothes the entire system.  Utilizing yoga postures, posture flows, breathing techniques and an increasingly attentive state-of-mind, students learn to:

  • balance strength and flexibility
  • tone muscles, organs and glands
  • address acute or chronic injuries and improve range of motion
  • create vitality and clarity of mind
  • increase relaxation and relieve stress
  • open doors to greater self-knowledge, acceptance, and creativity

Private and Semi-private Sessions
Private yoga and semi-praivte (2-3 students) sessions are available at Evolve Movement.